At Air Chefs, we are fanatical about food. We have been in the food industry since 1986 and have firmly established ourselves as a market leader in the Southern Africa airline catering industry.

Working from our Central Production Units in Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban, our enthusiastic and meticulous team is capable of producing over 30 000 mouthwatering meals every day. We have also leveraged our airline catering capabilities as a launch pad into the wider food service market. We now offer a versatile catering service, from providing in-flight meals to our airline clients, to supplying staff restaurant meals to our corporate clients, ready-made meals for contract caterers and a multitude of other food service offerings.



We pride ourselves on answering our customers' diverse needs, always finding an innovative way to exceed their expectations.

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We believe that our 1 500 employees are the strength behind the brand that is Air Chefs. Continuous training, both in-house and externally, ensures that we have a team capable of offering the quality of service we pride ourselves in.

Our facilities, due to our employees’ skillset and the equipment we invest in, now serve as Central Production Units (CPUs), manufacturing inflight meals, airline lounge meals, ready-made meals and staff restaurant meals for our corporate clients.

Creating tasty, healthy and accessible meals is a responsibility we take seriously at Air Chefs. We achieve this through rigorous engagement with our suppliers, to ensure that the requirements of our clients are met.